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Scarface background score

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Is anyone able to extract the background score for Scarface? I tried it, but the result still has some chatter echoing. Would anyone be able to clean it up?
I remember finding a clip somewhere of just the vocals and background synth during the 'push it to the limit" montage (no drums), but there will still ambient noise, unfortunately.
Are you planning an isolated soundtrack audio track?
Something like that, yeah.
I'm sure all the music has been published (both soundtrack and OST), if it can't be extracted from the film you could always start from there.

I never thought about it but what an excellent film for an isolated track!
As Evit suggested, I would try using the released soundtrack, syncing it to the original sample-perfect, then removing the original. You can do the syncing in software like Cubase. Simplest way is to inverse the phase, then move and adjust volume until the soundtrack's waves eradicate the waves from the audio track. Eradication likely won't be perfect as this wasn't recorded digitally, but you can use it for syncing at least.
Is there even an OST for this film? I don't think there is.
Soundtrack with the songs is available and I found this on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIYu3J1pxOw (probably also available for download if you search long enough)
I just checked. I can confirm the bootlegged score is available as medium-bitrate MP3. Has some tape noise or something but it may or may not be good enough for your project.
Yeah? Where is it?

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