Idea Best of the Land Before Time
I should also add that there are people on Blutopia who can do iTunes rips and are probably willing to do so if the costs of the movies are reimbursed. Probably on some other trackers too. Smile
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Alright, I got them. Sadly I didn't look close enough and they seem to be WEBRips, not WEB-DLs. Part II is around 7 GB and looks very decent to my eyes, but may need checking for some timing glitches, as you would expect in a capture. Part III is only around 3 GB and the quality is nothing to write home about as you would expect; with a bit of luck it may be better than the DVD but I am not sure about it, the grain is pretty compromised. Sad, sad. You want both, only part 2, or none?

Edit: Part XII looks surprisingly good, despite only 720p and low bitrate. I'm guessing they switched to digital animation, hence no grain that could mess up the compression.
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Both. I'd like to see for myself.
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You have PM
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There's a 35mm print of the first movie on eBay:

Has some nice screens you might use as a color reference for the first movie.
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