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188 minute tv cut of Superman: The Movie getting an official release
I don't have it yet, but I will say based on a review that it looks better than other Blu-ray releases of this film, period, warts and all.
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[Image: Superman_TM_comparison.png] Wrote:Using the Donner Special Edition as a guide, MPI worked to smooth out transitions from scene to scene and preserve consistent color in such key visual elements as Superman's red, white and blue uniform. Several months of work were devoted to creating a watchable experience without jarring shifts in quality. ... Switching back and forth between the two cuts also reveals meaningful differences in contrast, color timing and, on occasion, framing, as well as a more pronounced grain texture in the Extended Cut. ... While MPI did use Donner's Special Edition as a reference, it has not attempted to reformulate the Extended Cut to ape the approach of Donner and his restoration team.

@ Bigrob - Thanks for that .PDF link!
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#23 Wrote:Some fans may even prefer this color timing to that of the Special Edition, which was widely criticized for revisionism.
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Watched it last night. I can say to anybody who is a fan of this film definitely should purchase this.
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