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Russian movie "Night Watch" from 2004 - original Russian version in HD?

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Is anyone aware of a HD copy of the original Russian version of this movie? There is a DVD available, but all the Blu Rays seem to be the "International Cut", which is shorter (missing some scenes/storylines). It also apparently misses animated subtitles from the original, and - which is worse - a prologue that is completely in English even on the Russian audio track. 

I guess it was never released, but maybe there's an HDTV copy floating around somewhere or it might be aired someday?
Maybe Russian iTunes? Can't check at the moment.
iTunes Canada is 1hour 54.
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(2017-09-21, 09:49 PM)applecakes Wrote: iTunes Canada is 1hour 54.

that's international running time...
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Yeah, Canada etc. pretty guaranteedly have the international version. How to check russian iTunes?
You'll need to make new Apple account set to Russia.
(2017-09-22, 01:05 AM)TomArrow Wrote: Yeah, Canada etc. pretty guaranteedly have the international version. How to check russian iTunes?

Just ask maksnew, probably he can help.
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I'd check, as I have ripping software for iTunes and Russian account, but apperantly iTunes is broken on lastest Windows 10 Insider build, which sadly, I am using Sad
I wish they kept the cool subtitles
Checked Russian iTunes, and the movie aint there at all.

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