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Russian movie "Night Watch" from 2004 - original Russian version in HD?
Is anyone aware of a HD copy of the original Russian version of this movie? There is a DVD available, but all the Blu Rays seem to be the "International Cut", which is shorter (missing some scenes/storylines). It also apparently misses animated subtitles from the original, and - which is worse - a prologue that is completely in English even on the Russian audio track. 

I guess it was never released, but maybe there's an HDTV copy floating around somewhere or it might be aired someday?
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Maybe Russian iTunes? Can't check at the moment.
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iTunes Canada is 1hour 54.
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(2017-09-21, 09:49 PM)applecakes Wrote: iTunes Canada is 1hour 54.

that's international running time...
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Yeah, Canada etc. pretty guaranteedly have the international version. How to check russian iTunes?
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You'll need to make new Apple account set to Russia.
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(2017-09-22, 01:05 AM)TomArrow Wrote: Yeah, Canada etc. pretty guaranteedly have the international version. How to check russian iTunes?

Just ask maksnew, probably he can help.
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I'd check, as I have ripping software for iTunes and Russian account, but apperantly iTunes is broken on lastest Windows 10 Insider build, which sadly, I am using Sad
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I wish they kept the cool subtitles
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Checked Russian iTunes, and the movie aint there at all.
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