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Restoration, Preservation, Fan Edit – definitions
Definition of fan restoration categories:

1) Fan Restoration

Attempts to restore a film version, that had a full retail BROAD digital release*, to be as closest as possible to its original theatrical release, using best sources available.
This may include video taken from commercial releases, or TV broadcasts, and may consist of one or several of the following works: color regrading, frames/scenes replacing, aspect ratio correction, removal of scratches, tears, spots and dust, sounds/dialogs replacing/correction, entire soundtracks replacing etc.
It could also include restoring theatrical or director’s cut where the BROAD digital release* includes only the extended edition, or viceversa.

2) Fan Preservation

A fan-made release of a film version that has never had a full retail BROAD digital release*.
This is sourced from analog formats such as VHS, laserdisc or film print, but sometimes they can be sourced from captured TV broadcasts (both analog and digital) or NICHE digital releases**.

2b) Fan Enhanced  Preservation

The same as fan preservation, but with some sort of enhancement (noise reduction, conversion from letterbox to anamorphic) not as extensive as a restoration.

2c) Fan Restored  Preservation

The same as fan preservation, but with extensive enhancement, the same level of a fan restoration – the only difference is the fact that the film has not a BROAD digital release* (yet)

3) Fan Recreation

The most meticolous kind of restoration; it attempts to restore a film version closest to its original theatrical release, using various video sources (also different from the film itself like trailers, documentaries, and even other films), applying every kind of restoration work, and more, to obtain the best restoration ever possible.
For example, where a restoration will use a one-for-all technique for the whole movie, the reconstruction will use the best technique for each scene or eventually single frames.

4) Fan Extended Edition

It adds additional scenes where they fit, to have a new extended edition not available on BROAD digital release*.
If the additions require a few movie alterations for plot reasons, it still counts as an extended edition, for example if an alternate ending replaces the original one.

4b) Fan Restored  Extended Edition

The same as fan extended edition, but the restoration is applied to the main features and extended scenes as well.

5) Fan reMux

A multiplexing of video and/or audio and/or subtitles taken from analog and/or digital releases, to obtain the best version possible.
This involves NO restoration at all, just a selection of the best/correct/alternative audio/video/subtitles streams from different sources.

6) Fan Edit

A fan-made alternative version for an existing film, made by the insertion, deletion or re-ordering of scenes within the film, or taken from different films, or a fusion of different films/TV episodes in a coherent version.

7) Workprints and Bootlegs

Low quality cams/telecines/television/VHS captures of alternative workprint versions or lost theatrical cuts.

8) Filmumentary™

"A format where the viewer can watch a film whilst additional material appears on screen including: deleted scenes, alternate takes, on set audio, text facts and information, audio commentary from cast and crew etc. The intention is to draw these resources from archival and contemporary interviews, documentaries, tv spots etc. to make the ultimate “making of” experience for the viewer." (Jamie Benning,

9) Fan bonus disc

A collection of extras, like trailers, interviews, deleted scenes, storyboards etc. not available in a disc of its own; so the extra material, if from bonus BD or DVD, should be from different discs, or if just from one bonus BD or DVD it should have some material from another source like VHS, LD, web etc. in a consistent number; one fan bonus disc made using all the material from a retail bonus disc plus just one trailer from the web could be NOT considered a fan bonus disc...

* BROAD digital release = DVD, BD, digital download
** NICHE digital release = VCD, HD-DVD, D-VHS, UMD…

These are only initial guidelines, but could be a good start to look at when deciding how to categorize your project.
Thanks given by: DeafYakuza , sertoli
These definitions still stand today, but they do not include some of the latest trends found here and elsewhere; that's why I'm thinking to add new ones.

I mean, where an UAR should be included, for example? This is not a restoration, nor a preservation...
What's about open matte versions? Not thought to be shown on theaters (usually), yet worth a project...
Also, there are quite some attempts to regrade a movie, some which follow partially a color reference, while others are openly custom...

Maybe a comprehensive category for them all could be the best solution; something like "film mod" or "fan mod" (mod=modification) to distinguish them from fan edits, because the latter implies the rearrangement of shots/scenes, while the former does not.

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(2019-03-04, 02:06 PM)spoRv Wrote: Maybe a comprehensive category for them all could be the best solution; something like "film mod" or "fan mod" (mod=modification) to distinguish them from fan edits, because the latter implies the rearrangement of shots/scenes, while the former does not.


I'd stand by that. Sounds good spoRv.
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