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[Request] Blade Runner (1982) US broadcast version
Do anyone of you guys have the US broadcast version of Blade Runner aired on CBS ? This version was on the spleen last week but I did not have time to grab it and I don't no why but it has already been deleted.

Thanks in advance.
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I found it guys. If someone is interested send me a PM.
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Hi, is the soundtrack different? I would fancy syncing it to the Blu-ray international version.
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The opening text crawl is different and read by a voice over.
The swearing is removed. For example, "Don't be an asshole, Deckard" was remplace to "Don't be an ass, Deckard". The nudity was removed too.
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(2017-10-29, 05:58 PM)Lotto Wrote: I found it guys. If someone is interested send me a PM.

I'm interested. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
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I'm also interested, but I can't PM because I'm a zero-post n00b on this forum.
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I too would like to see like this.
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