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Released The Keep (1983) [Fundamental Collection™ #022]
Thanks for all the work on this. Considering what's available, it looks great. I just wish there was some way to convince Michael Mann and David Lynch that the movies they consider failures still have their own kind of merit.
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Where did you get a DVD for this? I thought it never came out on DVD, just laserdic and digital. I'm assuming it's the same ancient smeary SD master as the Laserdisc and the HDTV, but you said it has color differences? Can I see some frames?
Could you also post some sample frames for the color differences, please? The GIF doesn't really convey anything at all.
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DVD version is available since May 1, 2017. Got not one, just a rip used as color reference.
The FC used HDTV as source, which is quite soft, still the best version around, apart colors IMHO.

Top HDTV, bottom FC:

[Image: The_Keep_HDTV_vs_FC_007079.jpg]

[Image: The_Keep_HDTV_vs_FC_072300.jpg]
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My copy of the HDTV looks like the bottom one, which makes me think the magenta tint was somehow introduced on a specific airing. Which means the same LD master has been used every time. Where can I find the DVD? The one on Amazon is a bootleg.
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AFAIK there are some HDTV recordings with the right colors, but with logos, and much more compressed.
Don't know where to find the DVD, I thought the one on Amazon was legit.
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Digging around, I don't think there is any legit DVD release, just bootleg copies of the TV airings. Where did you get the rip?

Weirdly enough, the colors are less magenta on both Chewtobacca's release and it's source, the ShaneLSD HDTV from Myspleen (which I think is the same 1080i source you used.)
How did you decode the HDTV? Because I think you may have somehow introduced the tint.

This is how the HDTV looks for me:
[Image: 0xYrLC8.png]
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Can't remember where I've found the rip, but it's the French version.

Agree that your cap is way less magenta, I think it's spot on, color wise. The source I've used is the same, loaded in avisynth with ffvideosource, nothing more; it looks like the same when played with MPC-BE.

If someone has an idea about the differences, please let me (us) know!
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It's very odd. I wonder why it looks that way in your editor.
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How can I get a copy of this version you've created? I don't see download links. I think your work is fantastic considering the source!

John Brune

----I'm a Lurker? What the hell is a Lurker?
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This project is so nicee!!!
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