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Die Hard With A Vengeance 35mm Regrade (35 Project #3)
Looks like the film to me Smile
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(2017-10-30, 11:09 AM)Stamper Wrote: I think the regrade lacks "style". McTiernan films have a LUT applied that makes the film image "style". The balance are good, but you need to add something that makes the film look stylish and not just regular video. DH3 had some sort of golden tinge that made the "style". It's wrong on video, but I'm sure you can make it work in your version.

The 35 trailer stills certainly show this.
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To me, it's doesn't match. The "summer in the city" landscape shots maybe, at best, but the rest, no.
This is a better match:
Compare the 2 shots of McClane on the phone in the precinct. They don't resemble each other. Cobb on the phone doesn't either. The Cinergi logo is way too dark blue instead of being light cyan. It's like 2 different lighting were used, as if 2 DPs worked on the film. Weird.
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Still scanning the first trailer I got, hoping the second shows up this week:

[Image: 3brrKlz.jpg]
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