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[Proposal] Superman (1978) - theatrical cut reconstruction based on Extended Cut BD
The theatrical cut bd was a new scan and it is a problematic mess of both good and bad shots. Then you have the inaccurate color timing.
The new WAC tv extended version is better somewhat but also has issues in color and bitrate due to the longer length.
The special edition cut is preferable in many ways but it is an older scan with its own innacuraccies and features many small differences.

I indeed still swear by the LD audio. The 35mm Dolby stereo I experienced was flat and dull like the 2.0 on the BD. They seemed to be identical in terms of sound. In the theater despite running properly decoded on Dolby A type stereo for matrixed surround it practically plays mono with only a few odd effects and music getting pulled out: The LD is both fuller and has some actual surround activity in comparison. It's by no means perfect but still sounds better than all the others. It's better for that opening transition alone which is IMO one of the finest opening credits ever.
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(2017-11-13, 02:31 PM)Chewtobacca Wrote: ^Agreed! In the TC, the suit is a consistent teal color throughout.  In the EC, it varies quite a bit, from a pleasing blue to something bordering on the teal of the TC . This is what's odd about the EC: it's as if there are parts of the film that the studio forgot to mess up.  In the shot below, I like the color of the suit more in the EC, but the background looks better in the TC.

I agree as well. Took a second look at the previous images on a better monitor and just like Turisu says the suit looks almost purple in some instances. But on the one you posted afterwards it's more blue and looks great. But Superman's face looks too red/purple-ish in that EC screenshot I think and the background is better in the TC like you said. Looks like in some cases instead of focusing specifically on the suit they may have just added a blanket blue to the whole frame perhaps?
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