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An American Werewolf In London - Laserdisc PCM Mono
Just in time for Halloween...

I've capped the Live Entertainment Widescreen Laserdisc of AAWIL (LD-15101-WS) PCM bit-perfect and synced it to the most recent US Blu ray. Suffer the remix abomination no more!

Uploaded to mega, PM for link. This will only be available to active members of the forum.
Someone over at OT did a similar project recently.
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Zoidberg's cap is superior; thanks for the share. It's an actual LD PCM rip, which is the theatrical mono mix.

The preservation, unfortunately, is just a downmix of the original 5.1 remix with correctly pitched songs; it should be relatively accurate, if not as good as this release.
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normally I'm not bothered by 5.1 remixes but when they replace SFX with modern ones it sounds way out of place.

pretty much all of the older clint eastwood titles were ruined with new SFX
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And that's why I have plans to restore the complete Dollars Trilogy, apart from, you know, the fact that Sergio Leone in general just gets a raw deal in high definition.
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Would this make sense for An American Werewolf in Paris too?
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I don't know what you mean Tom. If you're asking if there's a mono mix for AAWIP, I'm pretty sure that would have a native 5.1 track being a 90's film.
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Oh wow, I didn't realize these two films had 16 years in between each other. Nevermind then. Smile
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Restored the Sneak Preview trailer replacing the original scenes with the restored edition bluray maintaining the original audio here’s the link.
[Image: 89817650-A05-F-4-AB3-8-B65-21-ABC99-C03-FF.png]
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theatrical mix enjoy Smile
[Image: AWIL-WP.jpg]
Thanks given by: LucasGodzilla , Irongod2112

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