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Browser randomly uses "Back" function

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I am not sure how to reproduce this but sometimes when writing a post and possibly while editing or using Backspace-button, the browser will use the "back" function. It's happened a few times to me now and it's infuriating, because I often end up losing some progress (I can get some of it back by simply using "Forward" again). 

It's possible I'm just doing something weird with my keyboard without noticing, but I haven't had this issue anywhere else. 

Am I alone with this?
This is just your browser using backspace as a keyboard shortcut for going back one page. Disable it in options
Wow, you're absolutely right. What an absolutely silly standard keybinding. Thanks man. Apparently something caused the browser to lose the text field focus and then it did the "back" thing.
I have that with Amazon homepage sometimes...
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I am personally using Vivaldi and I actually found a thread on reddit with people having this issue. Over a year old. Tongue

Thankfully one can just delete "Backspace" from the "History Back" binding.

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