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Armageddon 1998 Laserdisc audio?

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Apologies if this has already been mentioned in the thread (I might of even mentioned it myself) but does the Japanese DTS DVD have any significance?

It was a reference disc back in the day. Got it in my collection somewhere
Judging by TomArrow's still ongoing search for a better mix, I dare to claim that its only "significance" is the bitrate of 1510 kbps. Otherwise also that will most probably be the same content in a different package.

As for reference - if Armageddon is one, I wonder what "Air Force One" is then ...
The US LD had one of the best Pcm tracks ever made.
Still need to get the UK LD one day
Since 16066 AS is technically ruled out when referencing a PCM mix, which one do you mean then - 15416 AS or CC1548L?

Also interesting, that the criterion version doesn't feature a 5.1 mix in favour of the commentaries.
The DTS Laserdisc Mix is probably identical to the AC3 mix on the LD and DVD (Minus the Dialnorm), but the PCM Mix on the Laserdisc is so Phenomenal. I still have TomArrow's 35mm regrade that included the PCM mix in one of my MEGA accounts!
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So if TomArrow in fact ended up including the (Dolby) Stereo mix in PCM shape to his project, I must have missed the point where he mentioned it here. Wink

Would be interesting to compare the Cinema DTS mix to that one, then. Either it's really a lot more dynamic (which, while possoble, would be odd) or tastes are really different.
Check out the release thread here: https://forum.fanres.com/thread-2249.html Smile
Thanks, I might have seen that, but what I meant is that you didn't say anything about the PCM mix in terms of any quality differences, did you?
Oh. That's true. To be honest, I don't quite remember it that well. But you can compare it for yourself ofc.
Did anyone ever attempt to create a Criterion version of Armageddon using the LD audio, the Blu-ray and upscaling the Criterion DVD footage?

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