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HD version of old Dobermann (1997) master?
Let's say that if it will be possible to get most resemblance to color reference with no (or barely visible) artefacts, I think we could be satisfied!
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A little info about upcoming release:

Dobermann (1997)
Source: BD
Regraded to: DVD DE
Audio tracks: FR DE IT 5.1, ES 4.0 (most probably 5.1), JP 2.0; maybe 2.0 CZ and HU; leave out RU as there are only "lektor" versions
Commentaries: 2x FR
EDIT: forgot to mention subs... got EN DE ES, but not (yet) IT FR and ES!
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40% loaded (JP BD), seed disappeared, hope he comes back.

Will there be subs for the commentary tracks?
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Hope he'll come back! Wink

Commentary subs: they are not present in the BD, hence I suspect they do not exist - and I will NOT do them, first because I do not speak French (well, not more than very basic level), and second, most important, I am so lazy! Big Grin
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It would be quite the special feature though. I wonder if anything can be done. Are there any subs for the commentary, even just French? If so, maybe at least a quick Google Translate could be done.

Otherwise maybe some audio transcription software can be used, or even Youtube (it does auto transcription I think). And then the transcription translated. xD
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(2018-12-16, 02:22 AM)TomArrow Wrote: Otherwise maybe some audio transcription software can be used, or even Youtube (it does auto transcription I think). And then the transcription translated. xD

You are welcome! Big Grin

Apart doing myself Lost World: Jurassic Park Italian subs, I should admit once I did an even "worst" thing: took two long articles from an old newspaper in pdf, scanned them, and fed them to a speech software, choosing a different voice for each "speaker", and I didn't released the final result (yet)!

So, don't count on me! (1, 2, 3...) NO, REALLY! Wink
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If you are not curious to watch this movie for any other reason, why do not do it for this one?

[Image: Dobermann-T2.jpg]

(hint: it's on top of the sdılıɥd box...)
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If you mean the one in the TV, that one actually exists. It's a short film. I wonder if its available in HD somewhere.

It's a good fit for this movie too, I'm not surprised they show it haha. Great name too, Gisele Kerozene.
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Nope, I mean the T2 laserdisc boxset!!!
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Hah. Good catch.
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