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HD version of old Dobermann (1997) master?
This is why we need to invent a way to have multiple color gradings in a single stream. They're both interesting.

If it's an either-or, I opt for the German one. It's punchier and livelier and warmer (all of which go along well with the movie style) and it's the one I originally wanted. I think I also saw that Italian version somewhere, tho I could be wrong.

The "telecine" version is also interesting, but more filmic and muted. Could also be interesting, but it's not my favorite.
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Solutions could be several...

First (simpler): release both version
Second (best): release one file with both video tracks - dunno if it would be compatible with every players, though, and, if burned onto a BD, video bitrate should be shared between both, but 20mbps should be enough, I guess
Third: release one regrade as widescreen, and the other as UAR

Can't say DE colors are bad, but they seems... "wrong", somehow, while IT are yes a bit more muted, but a lot more filmic and more "right" - in particular on faces:

(top BD, middle DE, bottom IT)
[Image: Dobermann-BD-DE-IT.jpg]
(that is not the only instance, but just the worst offender!)
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DE middle seems best to me
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I stand by my desire for the DE colors overall. With that said, they do seem to have issues. I would think it has to do with the whole thing of combining BD Luma with DVD chroma, leading to faulty saturation levels where the lumas are too different from each other. (as it seems that saturation affects different luminance levels differently). Those issues with the color didn't seem to exist with the original regrade.

If only there was a way to get rid of the artifacts with the luma ... I wonder if working in 16 bit colorspace might help...

Yet another idea .. maybe there is some way to use the regraded luma and then "smooth" it to prevent the artifacts. In other words, some kind of mechanism to prevent too harsh changes that lead to that solarization effect.

Two video tracks are not a great idea imo. What I was thinking of was more along the lines of what I suggested to you a while back .. having a secondary video track that carries a 3D LUT to regrade the image. But since that currently doesn't exist as a realistic option, not worth losing sleep over.
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OK, you won... DE regrade encoding right now - it should be ready for tomorrow morning; hope to be able to prepare the whole release it in the afternoon, but can't be sure...
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Encoding has finished without errors, but had no time to check it and mux it... please, forgive me!

I will work on it ASAP - I guess next yea... tomorrow! Happy

Happy New Dobermann Year! (at least, until February 4th, 2019!)
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No hurry man. Happy new year. Smile
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