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[Request] Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon LD audio?

Might be a long shot, but would anyone happen to have access to a Cantonese track from a laserdisc of this title? Or does anyone know if it would sound better than the mono track from the Mei Ah Hong Kong-released DVD?

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Do you know how the audio on the Japanese Blu-ray is?
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(2017-11-20, 04:07 AM)IcePrick Wrote: Do you know how the audio on the Japanese Blu-ray is?

It's not so good. It's a 5.1 remix with new music and/or sound effects. I listened to it once and that was it. Funny when 'The Odd Couple' BD has mono. I have the initial release with the DVD/BD-R but I doubt they'd update it for the later BD-only release. I also haven't checked the Japanese audio track, but I assume it'd be the same.

Edit: the standalone BD has the same remix. Along with a 2.0 downmix of said track.
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