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David Macaulay's World of Ancient Engineering

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This series of five PBS specials, broadcast between 1983 and 2001, tells fictional stories of the construction of fictional structures as grandiose as the real deals. The pentalogy is as follows:
  • Castle (1983)
  • Cathedral (1986)
  • Pyramid (1989)
  • Roman City (1994)
  • Mill Times (2001)
The intention is to restore each special to the way they were originally broadcast on PBS, with the original funding cards and PBS bumpers as shown in the original broadcasts, including those for WTVS (co-producer and presenter of Castle), WGBH (presenter of Cathedral and Mill Times), and WHYY (presenter of Pyramid and Roman City). The planned resolution is 1080i30, to accommodate any videotaped portions of each program.

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