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[Released] Daredevil (2003) Theatrical Cut 1080p
The only version of Daredevil released so far on home media in HD is the Director's Cut (DC). This is a reconstruction of the Theatrical Cut (TC) using the Blu Ray as the main source, a high quality HDTV cap of the TC and the original TC DVD for the audio. 
5 frames were sourced from the R1 DVD to fill a gap caused by missing frames at a commercial break during the HDTV broadcast.

Video Sources: DC Blu Ray, HDTV TC cap, R1 TC DVD.
Video Synced To: R1 DVD
Audio Sources: DVD (various)

Release Format: MKV 1080p 15.4GB, Blu Ray compliant, Average Bitrate 18.9 Mb/s
Audio Tracks (1-5, Source Original R1 DVD):
1: English Dolby Digital 5.1 448kb/s 
2: English DTS 5.1 768kb/s
3: French Dolby Digital 2.0 192kb/s
4: Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0 192kb/s
5: Director/Producer's Commentary, Dolby Digital 2.0 192kb/s 
6: Italian 5.1 (Source: Italian R2 DVD DTS, re-encoded to Dolby Digital 640kb/s)

'Bonus Track': English Cinema DTS 5.1 1536kb/s (Separate file to be muxed into MKV)

There is also a text 'Trivia Track' included from the DVD, please note that while this subtitle track is MKV compliant it is not Blu Ray compliant and tsMuxer will discard it.

Thanks: spoRv for the Italian Audio, Jetrell Fo for Cinema DTS files

Uploaded to MEGA. PM for links. As always, active members of the forum only.

(Edit: Added Cinema DTS)
That's great! With the German track, it would be a perfect "paneuropean" release! Smile
Thanks given by:
Did we use the cinema DTS track for this at all?
Thanks given by:
SpoRv/Fo: It's not too late to add these tracks if you want.
Thanks given by:
I have not that...

Fo, "you're my only hope!" Happy
Thanks given by:
I know I mentioned it in another Daredevil thread that we had it.

I'll get it uploaded tonight for you Andrea/Zoidberg so it can be sorted, edited, and synced
Thanks given by: spoRv
Thanks a lot! Ok
Thanks given by:
Cool, thanks Fo
Thanks given by:
I do try.

Thanks given by:
Links sent to you both.

Thanks given by: spoRv , zoidberg

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