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Peter Pan
(2017-11-21, 11:03 PM)BronzeTitan Wrote: [Image: DPP_versions_compare_2.png]
[Image: vlcsnap-8991-02-24-03h21m21s180.png]

I still think the captures of the LD are off a bit... and honestly, I've seen few amateur film caps that look right. This is definitely one of them.
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Was this ever turned into a color-corrected release? Or has another fan-res replaced it?
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Yeah, this kind of fizzled out. It's terrible when life interferes with hobbies.
I can't even remember where we were going with this next.

Going back over the past couple pages it looks like I never did post the Tinker Bell comparison clip:
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Oh I was excited about this one hahah
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