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[Request] Whole Nine Yards (2000) any decent audio?
This movie was never released on Blu Ray, but there are okay HDTVs and one WEB-DL that looks pretty similar. 

The HDTVs have the 448 kbps DVD 5.1 AC3 audio. The WEB-DL is a slight upgrade, with 640 kbps E-AC3 5.1. 

But, is there anything better out there? This is kind of a shame really, I think it's a fun movie. I know I once had a VHS tape of it. I don't know much about VHS, but I read there was some "HIFI" technology that was supposedly rather good? I have a good audio interface. Would some cheap HIFI VHS player allow me to get a good analogue capture of the audio? Would probably be Dolby Surround then I guess, which is fine by me.

Don't see any LDs out there.

Might have a Cinema DTS somewhere in the far depths of the internet? Probably not, as it's not really that popular a movie I guess, seeing as it doesn't even get a Blu Ray release. So strange.

DVDs all seem to have the 448kbps 5.1 AC3, or some rather low bitrate AC3 2.0.
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It is streaming on Netflix US at the moment... Looks good and sounds good to me (though I hadn't even seen the film since it came out on VHS). The audio was definitely DD 5.1 (384 kbps, I believe)... though I am sure that it is the same mix as the DVD/HDTV/WEB-DL.

Sometimes you can get lucky and find film prints on ebay with the DTS discs included... I vaguely remember seeing a 35mm print of the film on ebay some time ago, but it's possible I'm mistaken. With that being said, there are other user(s) who have acquired/shared/synced Cinema DTS audio for other projects in the past... Maybe they could be of assistance?
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Thanks nafroe. At the moment I don't see any 35mm prints. I know about the Cinema DTS discs, but this movie doesn't appear on the list on, so I assumed it wasn't available.
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