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Is there a Laserdisc of Dear Wendy?

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This movie has never been released in HD afaik, but I've seen some references to a Laserdisc. Can't find one on lddb.com though. 

Any ideas?

How about an HDTV? Something? (I looked, but don't see anything).
You won't find Laserdiscs on movies from 2000s.
Ah. I assume they stopped production of LDs around 2001 (according to Wikipedia)?
(2017-11-28, 09:20 PM)Colek Wrote: You won't find Laserdiscs on movies from 2000s.
Well... Tongue
(2017-11-28, 09:27 PM)TomArrow Wrote: Ah. I assume they stopped production of LDs around 2001 (according to Wikipedia)?

There are a couple things like video jukebox titles and in store videos as late as 2002. The last movies came out in Japan in 2001.

This is considered officially the last LD released in the U.S. A limited edition repressing for arcade game collectors.
Good to know, thanks for the info.
Does anyone have the NTSC DVD? It's been shot in HDCAM format, so there shouldn't be any issues with alignment like in film transfers. Might help a little with upscaling. Unfortunately ordering the NTSC in Germany is kinda silly expensive with shipping fees, so if any of you already own it, that'd be great.
Check-out it's Danish production company Nimbus Film -- http://nimbusfilm.dk/film/dear-wendy/?lang=en :
Director: Thomas Vinterberg  
Producer:  Sisse Graum Jørgensen  
Manus: Lars von Trier
Cast: Jamie Bell, Bill Pullman, Michael Angarano og Danso Gordon.
Release: February 4, 2005
Status: Bluray / DVD / VOD   [emphasis mine  Smile ]
Genre: Drama
Language: Engelsk
Format: 2878 meter 35 mm 1,66:1 Widescreen farve Dolby, SRD

Although the movie-ad website is long gone, Internet Archive still has some of it. It was using allot of flash, so IA couldn't resolve the internal links to save much of it. If your browser doesn't have flash, you won't see much.
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How very strange. Imdb even lists a specific camera. And the cinematographer talks about how it is "hi-def, but the size of a DV camera" here: https://theasc.com/magazine/oct05/filmmaker/page1.html

And I swear I've never seen a Blu Ray of it, anywhere.

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