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Idea Regraining Terminator 2! (Proof of concept/experiment)
You can see the way the light compares between the X-Treme master and the new one, it's exactly the same, which shouldn't be because they are supposed to be transfers made 15 years apart with totally different technology.

Yes those noses tips especially look like they haven't got any detail and are painted over (all the shots of Dyson look also the same and he as a large nose), also the clipped whites are exactly in the same places on both masters. This couldn't happen if you scan a neg in 4K.

I mean for T1, the new 4K master has a stability of colors, and detail in whites, that this one doesn't. To me it looks like they went back to the 2K scan from 2003 which was 16/9 according to the booklet, bumped the contrast, upscaled it to 4K, then did some software thing on it that is used on Avatar films to render detail to make stuff look real.

We have never seen, ever, any transfer that is so weird looking even Patton or Predator look just like DNRed video, not remapped.
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Also look at the drop of blood on his chin in this shot

See how in the old version, the drop is wider and more round at the bottom?

It looks like some part of it have been taken out, like someone repainted it over the old version.

I think blending both the old and the new one, with the old prevailing, might be interesting though. But there are problems of framing in the new one.
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I think the reason why it may be like this was because of the 3D conversion that was made for this specific master at the time (which in fairness, wasn't bad to watch in theaters).
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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This didn't stop Titanic from being a perfect remaster.
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Too much screenshots Tongue

[Image: pEEehyV.jpg]
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