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Finding a Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy cinema trailer

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There was this trailer I saw in cinema that hyped me up for the movie like nothing else. 

It's been so long and I've searched for it so often that I my memory may be betraying me and I may be hallucinating about this by now, but why not give it one more chance.

Okay, first off, I live in Germany, but I don't remember whether I saw it in an English or a German cinema. So both have to be considered.

First off, here is the US trailerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW-F1H-Nonk

This trailer gets the intro music right. This beautiful haunting violin screeching. I found out some time ago this is called "Wolf Suite Pt. 1" from the Wolfman soundtrack. Quite the intense piece.

Okay, but at 0:50, the trailer just gets this completely weird "turn" musically that kinda tears it apart. This is not how I remember it.

Now, it's still a good trailer, but here goes my hallucination. There are a few key shots I remember towards a specific music, and I believe they're all towards the end. 

1. The dead guy bleeding on the ground. 
2. The eyes with the goggles that are being adjusted
3. The doors of some elevator or so opening vertically with a guy being revealed behind another guy
4. This labyrinth like logo/text animation.

Now, these shots are all in the US trailer but the arrangement is off from what I remember. I think I remember them all being towards the end of the trailer, and, with different music. Number 1 was with some kind of drum or beat similar to the US trailer with a lot of impact, but in the US trailer it comes too early. Shot 3 is at the end where it should be, but shot 2 should come after shot 3 and before shot 4. So in other words: Elevator, Goggles, Text animation. And the dead guy I think was also much more towards the end when the music got more drive, giving it more impact and shock effect.


Here's a few other trailers:

UK Trailerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXkSxV_Ziow

This one has a more harmonious soundtrack, but it is missing the Wolf Suite Pt. 1. Also missing the nice animated text. But it has a different tune towards the ending which I believe MIGHT be the correct one. It's this kind of "da da da - da da da - da da da" which goes so nicely with fast cuts. The placement of the cuts here is weird though.

German trailerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxMeCXrCpho

Okay this one gets the beginning right. And it gets the ending right. Especially that tear in the eye, then the correct order of shots. Very powerful, very nice. The music again is different in the end, but MIGHT be the right one as well, not 100% sure. It's the Wolf Suite Pt. 1 all the way through, with some parts cut out. But, this trailer has placed the corpse in a very boring place and I remember that scene to be very impactful, which it isn't here at all. Also, the text in the end looks kinda boring and not how I remember it.

Another German trailerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF1T1A_eVBg

This trailer is like a longer version of the UK trailer, musically. Again, missing the Wolf Suite Pt. 1. It's also branded "Haupttrailer" in some places, which means "Main trailer". This trailer comes the closest with the dead guy on the ground I think, musically it's integrated in a similar fashion, but too early. Also, the shots towards the ending are again in the wrong order. Now, this one has a kind of middle ground text-animation wise. It's not that labyrinth thing but instead has these letters switching through with the tack-tack-tack sound. I remember that one in the titles seen throughout the trailer (unlike the labyrinth stuff in the US trailer), but I believe the end title was the labyrinth. This trailer is the one on the German Blu Ray.

A longer (presumably UK) "official" trailerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HBytoAJn0Y

This one's an English carbon copy of the one above ("Another German trailer"). Same length, same style, same cuts, same music, from what I can tell. Called "official trailer" on Youtube in some video. 


So, that's about the variety of trailers I can find online. Some seem to come close, but none seem to fit perfectly. Am I hallucinating (possible!) or are they actually making separate cinema cuts of trailers?

I feel like I'm going mad because on one hand I can't imagine the trailer not being among these, but on the other hand none of these really fully gives me that great vibe of the one I saw in cinema. It's of course possible I've simply become desensitized to the charm after watching the various versions so many times over, but oh well, let this be one of my last attempts to find it.

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