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[Help] Shaun of the Dead 16:9 Open Matte?
I saw some film strips of Shaun of the Dead and some of them have an opened matte.

So I was wondering whether perhaps an open matte version existed. I looked through the catalogue and I found this Japanese Blu Ray listed as 1.78:1:ショーン・オブ・ザ・デッド-B...033&sr=8-1 lists it as 1.78:1 and amazon does the same. On top, the amazon page makes an extra remark in Japanese language "16:9". I know these infos can be wrong, but it's still worth a try I think.

Does anyone here have this or can find it somewhere?

Google says the price is around a 100 EUR. If anyone here is able to buy it, I might consider reimbursing that person, but that action would have to wait until the next year (money is short lol).
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There is an old XVID HDRIP that's open matte, but it's SD resolution. I don't know whats the source of it.
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I've always wondered where some of the HDRips come from and why the original source isn't available. Maybe some of those things are from HDCLUB and the lower class rips leak onto rutracker.
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I'm aware of a 7.5GB 1080i25 HDTV recording floating around; sadly, dunno where to find it out! Sad
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(2018-02-27, 05:50 AM)spoRv Wrote: I'm aware of a 7.5GB 1080i25 HDTV recording floating around; sadly, dunno where to find it out! Sad

I need this in my life. Big Grin

(if it is open matte)
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According to what I read on myspleen, it is...
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It is our sacred mission to find it then. I shall make a request on Blutopia.
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Let us know if/when you'll find it out!
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Here, brother:

Add some of your insane BONs to it, you aren't using them anyway. Big Grin Let the plebs do the work for us.
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For now, we should live with SD open matte - that is not bad at all... just, not HD... let's hope to get it, sooner or later (hopely sooner! Big Grin )
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