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007 DTS HD vs AC3

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Compared a lot of 5.1 remixes to the original Ac3 and 90% of the time the ac3 tracks sound better but they are heavily compressed, aside from Spy who loved me which is around 448kps at 2.0 theres a lot of notable differences in reverb on the end of the movie its been taken out in the remix and most of the music sounds mono.
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(2017-12-06, 08:03 PM)00shevin Wrote: Spy who loved me which is around 448kps at 2.0

LD AC-3 bitrate is fixed at 384kbps; it can have also channel configuration different from the classic 5.1, but they are quite rare on LD than on other media.
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AVTAK remix is crap - no bass compared to ac3
Moonraker sounds identical tho I heard the laserdisc has more bass
living daylights - whittaker lobster scene ambient background crickets are almost inaudible in the 5.1 remix, same goes with the ambient in the farewell to arms scene in LTK
most of the mono bonds sound flat in ac3 but DAF and FRWL have some decent LFE in 1.0
haven't compared FYEO or octopussy but I think octopussy had a 70mm mix
a lot of the mono remixes have modernized SFX
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The low end on the AVTAK LD will knock your socks off. The 06 remix/BD has nothing.
I prefer the MR audio on the first letterbox LD as the THX sounds slightly different.
TLD's 5.1 is pointless as the Dolby Stereo is flawless.
LTK definitely has missing elements in its 5.1 remix which may have been done at the time MGM was messing up on its 5.1 remixes such as their botched 5.1 on Thelma and Louise.

The original films in their mono were pushing the envelope in what you could do at the time with sound and Peter Hunt loved to punch up the levels of effects.

All of them sound better in their original versions. It's not even a comparison. FYEO for example sounds okay on the 5.1 and overall nearly identical-but when you crank up the LD PCM that remix goes out the window as it has no depth and doesn't have the same quality.

The only films released in 70mm for sure are OP and TND. There are reputed cases of Moonraker, Thunderball, YOLT receiving blowups but none are confirmed. Thunderball has the alternate stereo remix with all the differences inherent which could indicate a possible 70mm stereo mix was planned or maybe it was just a different mix for Europe.
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Could we build an audio treasury of those better tracks synced to the current Blu-rays, all in one place?
I know for example Dr No has a LD mono rip for the french dub going around on blogs.
I think it could be cool and better than spreading all the 007 tracks under their own titles. All under one roof. We can add more as they come. I have a few french dubs in mono or original DD tracks taken from the best DVD sources myself, I can send to any fellow forumer who wish to sync them and share.
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have the feeling if they get re released in 4k it's just gonna be some lame upmix from the 5.1 tracks to atmos.
will say the opening titles sound great on all of the 5.1 remixes though
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The rule of home cinema is the better the picture gets, the worse the audio gets.

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If I can finally get some type of budget edit/capturing PC going I plan to capture all my Bond LDs and VHS tapes ASAP.

And then the rest of my LDs...good thing I now have waaaay to many of them...Wink
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You could probably just capture them using an external sound card and a phone nowadays
was thinking of ripping VHS tapes but a single tracking error will F the whole thing up. not to mention tape hiss.
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