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Suggestion: Make search possible with less characters

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I wanted to make a search for "VHS" and realized I couldn't because it was less than 4 characters. 

Would be nice to be able to search for shorter terms too.
It's a limitation for the type of searching (MySQL full text) this forum has, I can't lower it unfortunately.
Ah, I totally forgot about this.

If you have access to the config/global variables, you could change ft_min_word_len: https://www.electrictoolbox.com/mysql-fu...rd-length/

If not, I guess it can't be helped.
It's a shared hosting service, I don't have access to MySQL configuration
Ah okay.
Google (and other search engines) would like to be your friend!

Enter the site you wish to search, i.e. "site:fanres.com", followed by your search term(s), i.e. "vhs" . .

[Image: any_engine_searches_any_site.png]
[Image: jason-and-the-argonauts.png]
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Google searching also helps with the pesky 30 second rule.
Thanks thats a good idea.
Yeah can you lower the 30 second rule to 10 at the most for logged-in users? Because if you do a search and then click on "View Today's Posts" it will let you with no restriction, if you do it in the reverse order - first click "View Today's Posts" and then do a search it tells you to have to wait 30 seconds from when you clicked on "View Today's Posts" link. Quite annoying.
I've set 3 characters and 10 seconds limit for everyone for testing purposes; if it will work well, maybe these limits would be definitive.
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