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The Great Silence (1968) [SW] Grindhouse (35mm-German)
(2018-09-30, 10:15 PM)Chewtobacca Wrote: Apart from the inferior colors, I wonder what people's thoughts are on the US BD.  It has a higher bitrate and shows more picture information.  PDB, is worth regrading the US BD?

I think so, Chew. There might be a project here.

Looking at my DVDs, the pics on caps a holc and on dvdbeaver, I agree with what many have said in this thread. To me, the US disc has the best luma picture. More picture, higher bit-rate, better grain (?), etc but with a very flat picture. For color/chroma I like the German Grindhouse the best. Beside the high contrast, the deeply saturated colors and orange skin tones look to true to a theatrical print and probably the best example of TGS' "true" colors. The other HD masters dip into the that modern green/yellow look. You can see it particularly in the skies.

So to me the best thing to do is color match the US master to the German Grindhouse and then use that as your chroma. Then fix the black level of the US master. That should make the picture look much less flat, desaturated and gray. Convert that to luma only. Then combine the two so you have the grindhouse colors, the US picture and a "custom" black level without the grindhouse's contrast.

So using the pics on caps:

Regular German\Grindhouse German\Regular US\US with adjusted black level\US regraded to grindhouse\US regraded plus adjusted black level

(avery, very rough first try)

[Image: sFWZwV7.jpg]
[Image: 2wQk3Z2.jpg]

What does everyone think? (Although asking might be a moot point since I don't have either of the german masters nor the US yet to truly test.)
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Looking For:

Alien 1999 Master Japanese BSHI Broadcast 1080i mid 2000s
Blade Runner DC Pre-BD US HDTV Broadcast 1080i 2005 (blade.runner.1080i.dd5.1.oar)
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PDB, do you still have any interest to regrade this thing? Blush

Did anyone have any luck to get PCM from LD?

LD for 2000 yen

964 yen
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Specialists (1969) BD Eureka - Sergio Corbucci


Restored Italian and French audio options

Whole Lotta Love!!!

Quote:There is a full English version 35mm print in Denmark in the archives of… The Danish Film Institute? Not sure of the name… DFI does exist but I’m not sure if it’s them who have the print…

The Finnish Film Archive (during 1957-2007, National Audiovisual Archive 2008-2013, National Audiovisual Institute 2014-) has loaned the print twice and screened it in Finland in 2007 (twice) and 2011 (twice).

Let's hope the Full English track is used.
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Specialists Blu-ray – Review

Quote:The release has the restored Italian and French audio as well as a rarely heard and restored English dub track, but don’t expect it to be all in English, when you select the English dub you are given a few paragraphs explaining that during restoration the sound was so badly damaged that certain scenes audio could not be restored so they resort back to the French dub with Subtitle, but this adds to the charm of the release.

I wish Arrow had gotten this (for UK and USA). Then maybe we would have the full track. Now we will probably never ever get it.
It definitely doesn’t add to the charm. Sounds like they used the sound from the VHS I have. Pretty irritating. I agree that an Arrow release would have been preferable.

Pure rubbish! Lazy bastards! Shocked
[Image: 4JKVG9o.jpg]

But as far as I know Eureka didn’t mention it anywhere that the dub would be incomplete. Except on the disc when you play the movie but at that point it is too late if you bought it for the full dub.
We only know about it now because a review mentioned it but the disc has already been shipped to many people.

The info about the disc still says everywhere(?) that it includes the “Rarely heard English dub track”. Sure I actually expected it to be incomplete based on their previous effort with Face to Face but I know several others expect it to be full track.

I asked Eureka three times (twice on their Facebook posts about the release and sent one email) in the past couple of months if it would have full dub or not and received no answer at all. Of course the people handling the Facebook stuff might not know anything so…
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[Image: f8d6466c6b230fbaf0806fde5d83c4fe0ff2e26d_2_999x750.jpeg]

Quote:Looked at it yesterday and I was rather underwhelmed by this statement, and the description on the disc cover, stating “partial” English audio.

That statement was never made before or during the pre-sale period. They must have known at that point what they were selling - also I don’t buy this ‘surviving versions’ stuff … don’t they mean the source they acquired, specifically?

A film that gets internationally released in English, and all prints have fucked up sound ? …. nahhh, bullshit! 1973 isn’t 1932 !!! loads of prints will have been struck, plus 16mm version for film societies and pan scan versions for TV stations … but no one can locate better than what we’ve already seen on a homemade fandub using a VHS as the source.
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This is from brochure in 2011.
[Image: 87669d6e3b86ee431436c1cfe7d630bda394c9b3.png]
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I contacted them about the proof of the Full English audio.

Thank you for letting us know! I will forward this on to our Production Manager to look into further.

Maybe one beautiful day... something will happen.
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Sergio Corbucci on The Specialists

[Image: tDanZcP.jpg]

Here’s a little article I found in L’unita from March 20th 1970.

“I’m inviting the public not to go and see Gli specialisti because most people will not recognise it as my film.” So said director Sergio Corbucci explaining how he feels after the distributors cut some scenes for his new film.

“The film,” he continued, “Now lasts ten minutes less. Following the cuts some situations in the story and the presence of certain characters are unintelligeable. The owner of the distributor, Magna Film, cut those sequences so that it could be certified to show to minors aged fourteen and over rather than those over eighteen, as was the first decision of the censorship committee.”

The director added that he had not been approached by the distributor, saying, “He was surprised when I sent them a protest telegram”.
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