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Idea A Fix For The Hard-to-see Dark Smileys
Here's a combo sheet (work-in-process) using clearly visible face parts, down-sized & touched up, from The Blacy. I thought it best to give you a combination of all the parts for you to select, name, and use. The problem with the present set of smileys is that there are too many "shades of grey" that forces one to wonder "which is that one?". Smileys should be narrowly defined for the reader to clearly know the exact emotion being expressed. (So now that's on your head. Big Grin )

[Image: smiley_-_blacy_faces_array_3x3_big.png]

[Image: smiley_-_blacy_faces_array_3x3.png]

The red boxes are crop-guides, which you can use to copy the exact sized smilely, in a paint program, for a stand-alone graphic (with transparent background, of course).

As always, critiques & suggestions are welcome.
Thanks given by: spoRv
I do love them!

If other admins and mods agree, I propose to replace the old "boring" yellow ones with the new, revised blacys - as well as the other revised black ones.

So, dear bronzer-than-bronze titan, are you ready for the task?
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[Image: E9XNQW.gif]

Okay. Again.   Big Grin

I made a few corrections to assure things are easy to see and added a couple more face features . .

[Image: smiley_-_blacy_faces_array_4x4_big.png]

[Image: smiley_-_blacy_faces_array_4x4.png]

. . and how they'll look against the 2 main backgrounds . .

[Image: smiley_-_blacy_faces_array_4x4_w_bkgds.png]

I'm still trying to squeeze more features out of The Blacy without using odd teeth and such things ...  Sick  ... unless you really want them.

Do you really want these guys animated?   Shocked

Thanks given by:
I like them, as usual! Wink

What I would see is the remaining yellow classic emoticons replaced with your version, and I'd replace these ones with others:
Huh Cry Heart Sick (to give you an idea, still with your stile).

I'd add a couple, just to complete the table near the editor.

At the end, I'd leave the blacy ones as they are, eventually touched to be in line with your version, color wise.

Animated? It would be great!
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(2018-02-24, 05:08 AM)spoRv Wrote: Animated? It would be great!

[Image: Blacy_Style_shock_anim.gif]

- - - - -
BTW, for anyone using Postimage for animated gif's, their preview-display shows wrong . .

[Image: Blacy_Style_shock_anim.gif]

but the upload is fine and shows properly in browsers . .

[Image: Blacy_Style_shock_anim.gif]
- - - - -
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Good job Ok
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Been looking around some smiley sites. Most of them are a mess -- no organization, or mostly huge smileys, or full of multiple, exact duplicates, or pages that show only 6 or 8 or 10 smileys per page (page-hit bait), or whole sites that moved (but no forwarding address) or just plain disappeared.

Enough! So I just went Back To The Future Past -- Internet Archive! Big Grin  You might like to browse this old site and pick better smileys (than we already have) and/or new ones that would fill in the gaps of missing emotions . .
That should give me ideas to Blacy-ize them for a tight but rounded selection of smileys from which we may choose.
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Some of these are not so easy to convert. For example, the "tongue" -- it was difficult prevent it from looking like a smear of red. I had to re-do it from scratch a couple of times. Hope it looks good enough now. Anyone ... please critique. Here they are (so far, still more to go), full sized, against both light and dark backgrounds for your inspection:

[Image: smiley_-_blacy_faces_array_4_light.png]     [Image: smiley_-_blacy_faces_array_4_dark.png]
Thanks given by: spoRv
(2018-02-23, 12:24 AM)spoRv Wrote: If other admins and mods agree, I propose to replace the old "boring" yellow ones with the new, revised blacys - as well as the other revised black ones.

Any word back? It doesn't have to be all-or-nothing. But if it's a general ... "nah" ... I'll stop here. At the very, least it's been good practice. That's why I'm here at the forums ... and to spread the love.  Big Grin

(BTW, I've been fine-tuning the color balance against both theme-backgrounds (mostly means over-all tweaking, walking away, and looking at it fresh days later) while trying to keep the look&feel.)
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Well, if they are ready, maybe we can try them for some time, and see if there is a consensus (or not). What do you think?
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