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Idea A Fix For The Hard-to-see Dark Smileys
Since no one else has chimed in on this, besides Andrea, I guess I'll throw my two cents in...

Personally, I have no problem with the current smileys because they look just fine on my PC and relatively decent on my 5.5-inch Android screen. So, if it was up to me based solely on my experience then I'd be against this, but this doesn't discount the opinions of others. Not all displays are equal and there should be a "happy middle ground" somewhere that works well on most displays, so that everyone is happy.

Since someone already invested the time into making these better, then I don't see any problem with giving these a try. It's not like we couldn't go back to the smileys we have now... Wink
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The fact is, as project maker, I'm a perfectionist (like us all, I presume), and I can't stand to see some smiles yellow, and others black, some with a style, some with another... so, a proper set, with one style and color (except eventual few ones like "angry" and "sick") is a thing I am aiming for since long time... sadly, my proposed sets were not accepted, so maybe a modified set made by one of our member could be a right solution - it will be a restoration as well, so what's better than this?!? Happy
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(2018-05-17, 09:37 AM)spoRv Wrote: The fact is, as project maker, I'm a perfectionist (like us all, I presume) ...

Yep, my problem, too. Anyway, I've been stepping away and then coming back with fresher eyes to catch and balance these smileys. Most of this may seem fairly subtle, but I've been adjusting relative brightness and shapes to look better at their small size and with transparent (top), lite (left), & dark (right) backgrounds (with all combinations of expression parts). Just finished the latest touch-ups . .

[Image: smiley_blacy_faces_array_transp_lite_dar...180819.png]

If anyone has any likes, hates, or/and correction-suggestions, chime in!
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I like them!

IMHO, we should test them for a while, settimg up a poll to know what the users think.
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Actually, a live test should be very transparent. Once a replacement graphic is added into the website database, all instances of the original graphic then will show as the new graphic. Returning it back to the previous graphic is just as easy. The FanRes website shouldn't be any differently organized (right?).

So just pick a bunch, save them as transparency .PNG's (23x23), and let'em rip! [Image: smiley_blacy_rolleyes_test_20180819.png]
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Not on my desktop now, can't do that...
Let's see if the other admin have time and will do that! Wink
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Well, while they're thinking about that ... [Image: smiley_blacy_rolleyes_smirk_20180903.png] ... I continued on the touch-ups and implemented those I already made but didn't include last time. Here's the up-to-date array (just transparent background from now on):

[Image: smiley_blacy_faces_transp_bkg_20180903.png]

This time I left the grid in place to help trimming each face (23x23 pixels). I also started mirroring non-symmetrical eyes and mouths for more choices (there's a few more to mirror, but I'll get to them soon).

Obviously, as I'm showing all possible combinations, FanRes would only use ones that look best and cover the range of smilies that would be non-repetitive.

Anyone ... love it? hate it? ... feedback is welcomed! I'm not thin-skinned (in fact, I'm no-skinned ... bronze, you know), so don't be shy. I've got a two-story-long sword -- what's the worst that could happen?   Big Grin
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Sorry I haven't been following this thread. Please start a poll to see which set other users prefer, some feedback before making any changes would be nice
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Agree; a poll is needed to let users decide which sets they prefer.

The only thing I'd like to have is a one-color one-style set! Big Grin
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A better approach would be to make The Blacy smileys selectable in the "User CP" (user control panel) under "Your Profile: Edit Options" for the "Board style" drop-down. (How about using "radio buttons" here?) Presently there are these selections:
  • Default
  • MyBB GoMobile
  • dark theme
Let the individual user "vote" simply by selecting from:
  • Lite Theme, standard smileys [default]
  • Lite Theme, Blacy smileys
  • MyBB GoMobile, standard smileys
  • MyBB GoMobile, Blacy smileys
  • Dark Theme, standard smileys
  • Dark Theme, Blacy smileys
Then everyone gets to use and see what he wants. LET FREEDOM RING!  Happy

Of course, there must be a direct correlation between smileys so that every standard smiley has it's counterpart in other theme selections.

I'll check with spoRv about filling out the standard smileys and matching that set with equivalent Blacy's.
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