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Flash Gordon (1980)

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I got the original UK DVD from BMG group which features a PCM 2.0 track. Happy to rip and upload if you want to compare.
As a rough, rough experiment; I took the Zoid's LD and tried to apply the colors to the US BD and then adjust the shadows/levels if need be. The shots I picked are pretty random:

US BD/BD regraded to LD
[Image: UZGRQ04.jpg]
Looks pretty good, i smell a project coming.
(2018-08-09, 06:59 PM)DoomBot Wrote: Looks pretty good, i smell a project coming.

I think so but not immediately.
looks amazing!
Home and work life have made progress on any project very slow at the moment but I thought FG would be a good place to start testing new color matching methods. Especially, since the newer methods are more auto and require less of my attention. So far it's pretty damn close to the LD I'd say about 90% there after manual tweaking. Here is a look at the CC'd US BD. Compare it to the existing dark, purple, magenta US BD.

[Image: WBFbU9t.jpg]

There are several dozen spots I ID'd where I will have to manually correct the shots, so no problem there. The one major problem is that a couple dozen shots ended up with bad colors or posterization. If there is a volunteer I might have to have someone watch the movie to help me spot them for correction.

After that since the LD audio is synced by others(and audio syncing takes me forever), it should be fairly easy to finish...

Edit: Go to this thread for further work - https://forum.fanres.com/thread-2273.htm...ight=flash
Amazon just charged me for the 4K set so should be getting it tomorrow hopefully.

By all accounts the 2.0 track on the new remaster is a restored track straight off the print they used
So has the 4K fixed the problems discussed in this thread?
I watched the 4K version and it looks amazing. A truly great release in terms of video.
The audio is weird. Voices come out of all channels. This is with 5.1 and 2.0 mix on the disc.
Was this always like this?
Couple of people have mentioned this. Some claim it's how it was originally mixed.

Not watched my copy yet. My second ear infection of the year has left me half deaf currently with a loud ringing in my bad ear so not really watching movies at the moment

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