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Flash Gordon (1980)
(2017-12-15, 03:55 AM)SpaceBlackKnight Wrote: Question, do the StudioCanal BD releases use the UK print opening with EMI or is sourced from a US 35mm element with Universal?

Pretty sure it starts with the Universal logo

I have a Thorn / EMI pre cert VHS tape that I can check

Pretty sure a HBO screening I have of it from the 80’s has the logo as well
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I know the UK VHS and the HBO airing (since EMI owned TV rights in the states oddly enough) have it, but I was just wondering about the BD since it uses a different transfer than the Universal BD.
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And the HBO tape has the alternative/ original soundtrack?
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The ARD cap went flawless.

It is a 720/50p transport stream with german 2.0 256kbps and 5.1 448kbps audio streams and the german subtitle stream for hearing impaired. Localization is also german.
PM if you're interested.

Here are some screenshots:

[Image: vlcsnap_flshgrd1.png]
[Image: vlcsnap_flshgrd2.png]
[Image: vlcsnap_flshgrd3.png]
[Image: vlcsnap_flshgrd4.png]
[Image: vlcsnap_flshgrd5.png]
[Image: vlcsnap_flshgrd6.png]
[Image: vlcsnap_flshgrd7.png]
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Came across a facebook group devoted to the film. Might be worth lurking in if any prints pop up.
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(2017-12-15, 08:41 PM)SilverWook Wrote: Came across a facebook group devoted to the film. Might be worth lurking in if any prints pop up.

I’m on that already (name is Rob Beardsley, feel free to add me. Just let me know what your handle is on here)
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Not a member of that group actually. I waste too much time on facebook already. Wink
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Gordon's alive!!! In 35m!!!
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Interesting to see it was mono.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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