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Film logo preservation and talk thread

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Edit: As of 10/26 2018, this topic pertains to the talk and preservation and talk of all rare studio logos, in addition to those that appeared on foreign prints like CIC and Buena Vista International.

This eariler discussion was about CIC and UIP. For those unfamiliar with who these companies were and what they did, some background info:



These used to show up on international prints of many Universal, Paramount, and MGM films until around 2007 ish (2002 for MGM as they went to Fox for worldwide distribution from there on), but most current releases of stuff like say BTTF or Battlestar Galactica use elements mostly from Negatives or Interpositives in the US. 

Basically, this topic is to pinpoint which releases use ether international masters or film originally made in Europe and are likely still on the negs or elements used for those releases.

What I found so far:

The Slipper and the Rose - CIC intact on US Inception Media DVD and BD releases (may also be on the Second Sight UK releases?)

Watership Down (Criterion Collection DVD and BD) - CIC intact on trailer

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum - CIC intact on Criterion DVD (May not be intact on StudioCanal Blu-rays?)

Battlestar Galactica (1979 theatrical version) - CIC intact on German trailer on DE Koch Media BD series set

Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack - See above

César et Rosalie - variant of CIC logo intact on US DVD

Buck Rogers of the 21st Century (1980 theatrical version) - CIC intact on German trailer on DE Koch Media BD series set

Now finding films with a UIP logo intact is much harder than CIC. I've only found the 1986 logo in 2 places, the Image DVD of Biggles: Adventures in Time and one of the trailers (I think it was the UK one) for The Living Daylights on the MGM DVD releases (the BD IIRC omitted it on the HD version of the same UK trailer). I was lucky enough though to find the 2001 logo in decent quality on a US DVD of the Danish film, Elling, and no common release of anything has shown up with the 1995 or last (2004) logos anywhere aside from a few low quality bootlegs made from theatrical prints.

If anyone knows of a DVD/VHS/TV/BD/Web-DL print of something that contains a CIC or UIP logo not on this list, feel free to mention it here. I know this is pointless to some, but these were seen on film many have seen outside of the US, and therefore are part of film preservation.
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I have some scans of UK 35mm trailers that may help. Congo (1995) has the first UIP logo (as seen on here http://www.closinglogos.com/page/United+...l+Pictures) and Land of the Dead (2005) has the last 'white mosaic' design (though perhaps a short version - it's quite quick).

If you're on MySpleen, I included Congo in my Waterworld theatrical intro - PM me for a link or more info.

I like the CIC logo - not sure if it was ever used on UK prints?
(2017-12-14, 08:08 PM)jonno Wrote: I like the CIC logo - not sure if it was ever used on UK prints?

It was. The Slipper and the Rose was a UK/European production (Universal released it in the US, but it was a bomb and they just let the rights go back to the producers), and since the 2013 Inception Media releases used a Pinewood 4k restoration, I assume the CIC logo was attached to the film's negative Pinewood worked on in the UK and that's how it survived intact. Full Circle (AKA, The Haunting Of Julia) was also released by CIC in the UK, and one copy on YT sourced from a P&S UK VHS has it intact as well.
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I've recreated the CIC logo and can give you the HD version if you're interested.

Jonno, I'm really interested in getting that UIP logo in HD!
Bump, but any other findings? Does anyone know if the Kino Lorber BD of Biggles retains the 1st UIP card or is it absent like the UK BD?
Anything else?
(2017-12-16, 05:42 AM)ilovewaterslides Wrote: I've recreated the CIC logo and can give you the HD version if you're interested.

Jonno, I'm really interested in getting that UIP logo in HD!

Used to love the CIC logo. And remember the music vividly too. Good times Smile
I apologize for resurrecting this thread, but here's some sighting information that pertains to this thread.

Discovered that the Olive Films Blu-ray of Jamon, Jamon (Spanish Lolafilm title distributed by United International Pictures) features the 1st UIP logo intact after Video Mercury Films. THAT was quite the surprise as I assumed it was only going to sport the latter (going by the overpriced Tanlorn Films BD of Thesis).

Seems that Olive also recently released other Video Mercury titles such as Vacas, The Red Squirrel, and Belle Epoque on BD. Not sure if i'll strike any gold with those, but if I can find them at one of my local libraries or nab used copies off Amazon (being the're available and not OOP prices like Ticks), I may as well take the chance.
I apologize for another bump yet again, but this one again caught me by surprise:

[Image: vlcsnap-2018-09-29-03h17m43s179.png]

On the other hand, it seems like I'm the only one that's active in this thread....
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I'm interested in the preservation of all Studio / distributor idents.
I think a project to collect them all into one place / resource is a must. I have several BD's that have updated idents and its really annoying (Looking at you Warner).

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