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Help Looking for Cinema International Corporation and United International Pictures logos
Yeah, I agree with you on WB's habits, though they have been easing up on it going by recent Warner Archive BD releases starting to retain original WB indents such as the Big W and others.

I have to say that MGM was the king of indent replacement/updating, and is still to an extent on certain titles. However, original UA indents and more have been turning up on many Kino Lorber, Shout!, and Arrow BDs of MGM's output as these have been getting new 2/4k scans done at different facility's other than MGM's.
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Yes Ive been on the hunt for a specific MGM logo for a while! There difficult because the differences are often pretty subtle, especially if your not an expert like me.
Its great the likes of Shout! ect keep the original idents, Its certainly part of the experience if you ask me.
I was thinking the other day that with the move to a Online Digital delivery medium that seems too be on the horiizon, its specialty labels like this that with be the last places to release in physical media for the collectors.
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Which MGM logo have you've been on the lookout for? If you tell me exactly the variant and maybe a vintage screencap or two, I may know of a release that has it or could already have it in my collection.
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It is for Death Warrant (1990).
I think I found a version on a HDTV version of The Russia House (1990) but it needs a bit of work on it. Although this could also be an 'earlier' replacement on that master.
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I imagine that HDTV rip of The Russia House sounds like it utilizes the 2000 DVD master which uses the 1996 version (which is in a more brownish/copper color and has what was called "The 1995/5.1 DTS" roar that debuted on Cutthroat Island and is still in use today in the newest logo). Despite being similar to the early 1990s logo (which was more faded/beat up looking and had more of a lighter golden/champagne look to it), is unfortunately a replacement as the roars also sound totally different with the early 90s one being very muffled. The Russia House is also a scope film and would naturally use a zoomed out version of that era MGM logo and require cropping to make it work in flat (Death Warrant is a 1.85:1 film, so therefore it would use a flat version of the early 90s logo).

Fortunately, you're in luck as Scream Factory released The Vagrant on BD with a 2k new scan. Best of all is that it features the flat version of the early 90s logo intact, but with the 1995 DTS roar still tacked on.

[Image: vlcsnap-2018-10-07-18h35m03s180.png]

This I have, so lemme know if that would work for ya.
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Your knowledge and this subject is pretty amazing Smile
This is the version on The Russia House
[Image: 7LH.jpg]
Thank you very much for your help good sir.
Where would I start looking for the correct sound?
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That is definitely the 2001 version, simluar to the 1996 version but with a URL and more copper looking.

You have a PM Smile
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Well, I guess I was wrong about the Tanlorn BD of Thesis. I had just discovered that the actual disc uses a completely different transfer than their Remastered DVD (which also came out at around the same time, and I had assumed both used the same transfer), because we get:

[Image: vlcsnap-2018-10-09-00h13m45s239.png]

Also, Vacas, The Red Squirrel, and Belle Epoque just have Video Mercury Films with in-credit mentions for LolaFilm/Sogefilm.
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