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Film logo preservation and talk thread
(2019-11-28, 11:06 PM)SpaceBlackKnight Wrote: Good luck finding that one, I've been on the lookout for many years and nada on my side. I was told that the 2007 UK DVD of Super Mario Bros (which is in anamorphic widescreen) uses the same HD transfer as the Second Sight BD and has a Pathe/Hollywood Pictures/Allied Filmmakers combo.

However, I also heard there's an earlier UK and French DVD (both being the same disc in 4:3 letterbox and Eng+Fra tracks) from 2000(?) that has the 1987-2003 Entertainment Film Distributors logo (alongside Allied Filmmakers) seen per the LQ videos.

I'm happy to pool resources on this one. Today I asked about the 2007 disc on Twitter and someone responded that they thought they had it, they only had the disc, no box:
[Image: AuoM1i3.jpg]

They sent me a video of the disc loading up, and the start of the film, so I can confirm that this one does not have the Entertainment Film Distributors. Perhaps it's on the discs issued before 2007. 

Maybe we should come up with a list of discs that we've confirmed don't have it. 

Despite being in the UK I've only ever owned the Region 1 disc.

If I find any leads I'll let you know. 
Program material is recorded on the other side of this disc...
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BTW, the above pic is definitely the 2007 disc by Metrodome.

While I cannot find the earlier UK and French non-anamorphic DVDs anywhere (Amazon France lists import releases), I did dig up the Hungarian (, Polish ( and early Italian DVD ( These all seem to use the 4:3 letterboxed PAL transfer that's on the alleged UK and French DVDs and might have the EFD logo.
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I can also confirm that this 2007 Metrodome disc does not contain the Entertainment Film Distributors logo, so that's both UK 2007 discs ruled out despite me hearing one of them had the logo. Why Metrodome released two in 2007 I have no idea.

I just saw this for a couple of pounds so thought I'd take the chance. I'll keep an eye out for the older, 4:3 discs.

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Program material is recorded on the other side of this disc...
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Both Metrodome DVDs are the exact same, one is a standard edition (that was also sold in a cheap disc in-sleeve version at newsstands) and the other says special edition but is only special in the case and artwork.
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