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Transformers: The Movie - International cut in HD

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Since the Shout BD came out (and was alas, the original US version with the same extras repeated on both discs), I was thinking about how much work it would be to reconstruct the bits of footage for the International version in consistent HD. Aside from the Rank logo at the start and small changes in audio (which could be easily sourced from ether the UK DVDs or a LD release of some caliber) I'm aware that the only visual difference is the intro has a Star Wars like scroll w/narration instead of the usual Superman style credits. Problem is, the Int version only exists in a SD tape master and all the UK DVD's use a horribly botched NTSC-PAL transfer of it. I heard the 1999 Kid Rhino VHS and the 2002 Canadian Seville Pictures use a proper NTSC master of that version, but Rhino VHS's weren't of the best quality IMO and I don't know what the Seville DVD is like nor know for sure if the uses the int version exact or is just the US version. I highly doubt a decent 35mm print from the UK would show up for a better quality source, nor be affordable in any instance.
I think the best way to go about it would be to recreate the intro using available footage. I think the flying through space backgrounds are the same for the Superman and Star Wars style intros. The Superman credits would need to be rotoscoped out, and the stars they obscure added back in using other frames. It would be very time consuming, but I think it could be done. The SD version could be used to "trace" the paths of the stars. Then the text would need to be added over the top. For the amount of Star Wars fanedits with custom crawls, they mustn't be too tricky to recreate.

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