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Help Help needed for acquiring and scanning Spider Man WTC trailer
Someone at claims to have the DigiBeta Master...
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
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(2019-04-29, 07:48 AM)MrBrown Wrote: Someone at claims to have the DigiBeta Master...

Nice. I have my doubts that he's just gonna share it though, even if true. If he really worked there, I'm sure there are contracts preventing him from doing so.
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(2019-04-29, 03:56 PM)TomArrow Wrote: Nice. I have my doubts that he's just gonna share it though, even if true. If he really worked there, I'm sure there are contracts preventing him from doing so.

There were so many Spider-Men since then that probably it didn't matter! Big Grin
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So, who wants to PM him and ask? Maybe someone who has a lot of reputation over on OT already so he can ask representatively for all of us? I'm barely active there myself.
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First, the poster just signed up; second, he just wrote two posts.
Now, I'm ready to trust people, but hey, frankly, the fact he could really has it it's probably not true - but it would be great to be proved the contrary!

In the case, I guess someone with huge importance should PM him... dunno... an OT moderator, perhaps? Wink
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So now that the open matte including audio track was released:

It appears the trailer has a DTS timecode. Does anyone here by any chance own Cinema DTS discs with this trailer on it or knows what discs might have it? Presumably discs published in the weeks leading up to September 11th? But generally DTS discs dont tend to have a great variety of trailers on them. Maybe trailers are only meant to be played in front of specific movies from the same distributor? I know they make such rules for Russia at least these days. (because there are places where you can access these documents for Russia)

Either way, would be pretty nice having the DTS synced to the trailer if it exists. I know there's no guarantee, as some pointed out that not everything with DTS timecodes actually has discs produced, but one can always hope.

EDIT: Okay, from quickly researching, I found out the following:
1. WTC Trailer was out for roughly 4 months before it got taken down according to some news site, so presumably any movie running from May to September may have had it.
2. Distributor of Spiderman is obviously Sony Pictures. According to this ( ), there is no movie released by Sony by that name, however Columbia Pictures belongs to Sony and they had a few movies running in that timeframe, for example evolution, final fantasy spirits within, a knight's tale, joe dirt, tomcats, ghosts of mars, ...
3. I checked my Mummy Returns DTS disc and as expected, it only contains trailers of Universal Pictures movies, so my hunch wasn't too far off I think.
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