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Proposal Godfather 35mm on eBay for $600

I thought the price ($600) seemed quite fair for a classic movie like this on 35mm, in apparently good state. Open Matte, colors look decent and not faded (although hard to tell from the pictures). 

I'm poor like a Kirchenmaus (as we say in Germany), but I thought someone might care. Also posted it on OT.

Do we have any thread or subforum to post finds like these to, though? I see interesting 35mm prints every now and then and I'm starting to feel like I'm cluttering the forum with my posts about it, maybe a dedicated place for this would be nice?
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The official restoration looks very good though.
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Some guy over at OT also replied with a few details about the movie's history and apparently there are quite some issues with the restoration color-wise (when it comes to being true to the original version) - might warrant some kind of regrade at least - although someone also said that a Russian copy is likely to not have the original color timing
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True, I read somewhere online that for example in the scene where Pacino kills the guy in the restaurant, they changed the color from night blue to all lit. Only in the exterior shot, they forgot to fix it so when you cut to the exterior, the interior is all blue. The film is full of problems like this. There are also very high contrast, clipped whites I think, I don't remember, after buying this, I resold it and bought back the original DVDs to replace.
They may look like crap, but they don't have colors shifts.
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The one I remember seeing in the article was a rather neutral desert shot in the original and a very warm golden one in the remaster.
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Sorry for this basically being a necro-bump, but if y'all are wondering about the color grading The Godfather had on celluloid, perhaps this will point to the right track. Not sure if this is exactly the best source nor if anyone cares about making a re-grade based on what's been said here but hey, it's interesting to see in the very least.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Unfortunately those photos are not "projection accurate" and you can actually see the two different prints they've photographed looked different (the camera's white balance is different in each) for example:

[Image: eHWVoIA.jpg]

[Image: iNNDmbE.jpg]

[Image: qX9i5b1.jpg]

[Image: 2nGpGFK.jpg]

[Image: 1lzFTNZ.jpg]

[Image: 0ifbJIc.jpg]

Those are all frame accurate across two different prints.
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I had shared this article on OT some time ago, it contains a discussion with a Paramount insider who reveals that the negatives were mishandled and damaged during the mid 80s, resulting in the loss of footage. They also assert that the 1997 and 2008 releases fail to represent the films accurately, in terms of colours.
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Yeah, I much prefer it without the 'golden look' of the blu-ray. But those Dye Transfer images suggeest the blu may be fairly accurate, at least to those prints..
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