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Where Eagles Dare - theatrical reconstruction
Happy new year! Ok, it's up at MS - hope you like it Smile
Thanks given by: applesandrice
Awesome release, jonno! I've joined the three sections together and am really looking forward to watching this.  This is a great film for watching at teatime on a quiet Sunday afternoon, and the addition of the introduction, intermission, and stereo mix will be the icing on the cake. Smile
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Thanks, Chew. Particularly for the format tips at various points - you taught me everything I know about editing VC-1!
Thanks given by:
It was my pleasure. It's great to see this come to fruition. Big Grin
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Just watched this last night, and really enjoyed it. Thanks for your hard work in putting it together, and for sharing with all of us here! Smile
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And thanks for the feedback! Glad it's been so well received - I'm very pleased with the number of downloads, given the size of the file(s). Folks have good taste Wink
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