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Where Eagles Dare - theatrical reconstruction

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[Image: V9EaivC.jpg]

It's the season for wintery movies, and I'm coming to the end of work on a particular snowy classic - Where Eagles Dare (made 1968, released 1969).

The Blu-ray release, while strong on picture quality, is a disappointment: the intermission and entr'acte from the original release are edited out, and the only sound option is a modern 5.1 remix.

I've used the 1988 laserdisc as a guide to reconstructing something close to the original version. The main video source is the Blu-ray, but the intermission is reinstated, and the audio track is the PCM from the laser.

As an accompaniment I've also made a UK cinema intro reel incorporating 1969 ads, trailers, and a short to enjoy before the main feature.

A couple of caveats: the Blu-ray's VC-1 has excellent definition, but it is a very dark image compared with the laserdisc. I have not attempted any colour alteration in this release, though may do in future versions.

Additionally, while the original release was in 70mm 6-track and 35mm mono, the 1988 laser has a stereo PCM track. It isn't clear whether it's an upmix or a downmix, but nonetheless its fidelity and presence are far more pleasing than that of the BD remix. Since the picture has been edited to accommodate the intermission and entr'acte, the BD 5.1 is not included on this release.

Finally, the intermission and entr-acte screens on the laserdisc look suspiciously video-y; my HD recreations hopefully have a more authentically filmic texture.

Stay tuned for release details!
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Fantastic. Love this film and can't wait to see the results Jonno
If you're open for extras, consider (such things as) this marvelous interview of Derren Nesbitt . .

YouTube: A Conversation with Derren Nesbitt. "Major von Hapen" in "Where Eagles Dare"

[Image: 0.jpg]   [Image: hqdefault.jpg]
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There's some good info about the 70mm engagements at in70mm.com:


Sounds like the 6-Track was a traditional 5 Front/1 Surround mix, so possibly the LD PCM is based on this mix.

This project sounds great! Don't forget your tub of ice cream for the intermission.
Excellent!!...only now I need to get the LD myself...because I’m lasercrazy.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
Oooooooooo Jonno! Sounds amazing!
(2017-12-21, 09:56 PM)captainsolo Wrote: Excellent!!...only now I need to get the LD myself...because I’m lasercrazy.

We all are I think!
I had no idea the LD was a different version nor that it preserved the roadshow version! I think this is primarily an issue of the European release getting an intermission much like The Wild Bunch did and yet there was no intermission version in the USA or anywhere else. Generally from my understanding the intermissions were added for 70mm blowup prints and not always on the 35mm general European prints.

A good example is Sony's revisiting and second restoration on Guns of Navarone, which on the BD allows you to select to playback with the European intermission, and entrance music with title card for the second half. (Also, if you don't have this: get it as it's the best the film has ever been period and here's hoping it gets even better on 4K!)
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
I think I posted somewhere else here, it could be cool to recreate and alternate english language audio version where the german speaks german just like the french dub. That makes the movie 200% better and it's already very good.
I think that beyond having the Germans speak Germans, the crew should be speaking German as well behind enemy lines, and switch back to English after the shootout that exposes them in the Schloss.

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