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xvYCC for x264
Has anyone really worked with the x264 xvYCC color transfer setting? For a specific example - I am unimpressed with HDR on lower end TVs. It tends to leave a very dull picture, which is very disappointing when dropping money on UHD discs. With more UHD discs becoming available as sources, I was wondering if anyone has tried to take, lets use Harry Potter as an example, the 4k UHD, and reencode to a 1080p xvYCC bluray compatible file. That way, we get the color benefits of 10 bit without the somewhat unbalanced HDR implementations.

I ask mostly because everywhere I read says using transfer characteristics in x264 is frequently pointless.
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AFAIK xyYCC on blu-ray (the ones who recognize it) uses 8 bit, but 0-255 levels instead the usual 16-235...
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Definitely doesn't use 10-bit, because to my knowledge there aren't even any mainstream 10 bit h264 decoders.
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Even that benefit should show visible difference on a 10 bit display. From what I'm reading, XVYCC is a strange creature not tied to specific bit definitions, but is intended as an 8 bit work around to display all colors visible to the human eye.
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YUV "TV" 16-240 = 225x225x225 = 11390625
xvYCC 0-255 = 256x256x256 = 16777216
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First time I've found this.
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Anyone remember the 'Mastered in 4K' Sony Blu rays with the expanded colour space (if you had the right Sony display)?
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I actually haven't tried those discs in the correct setup.

Apparently, if you convert 10 bit video to Unclipped sRGB, you can use the standard color conversion matrix used between RGB and YCbCr, and it should map correctly to xvYCC, which can then be piped into x264 (making sure to set 709 primaries and xvycc transfer characteristics).
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