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007 Collection - 4k masters on Itunes?

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I read here (https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?su...1514014662) that Itunes now has 4k masters of most of the bond films with some (mainly Goldeneye and a few others) being completely new transfers than what was on the Blu-ray sets. 

However, some sites report the 4ks only available to stream on Apple TV but then others say you can purchase the 4k as a download? I wonder if the 1080p versions on itunes were updated to the new 4k masters downconverted, so it would avoid the hassle of AppleTV?

These would be nice to see IMO (I hear some of them restore original UA logos), but I wonder if there's any way these can be properly preserved or something? Since ppl somehow have ripped from 4K netflix and recently UHD BD  (I wonder what software they used for since it's keys have been kept tightly closed) I imagine someone sooner or later is working on getting iTunes 4k downloads out in the wild.
There are a couple of tools out there that can remove iTunes DRM from audio and video files.
iTunes 4K is streaming ONLY. It doesn't matter if you buy or rent a movie.
(2017-12-30, 10:41 AM)bendermac Wrote: iTunes 4K is streaming ONLY. It doesn't matter if you buy or rent a movie.

Just read it in some reviews. I didn't think Apple would once again be so stupid to be incoherent within their ecosystem.
If the 4k version is actually streaming only, then would the sd or hd (maybe 1080p) versions be of the new master as well or the same old one? If someone were to check and ends up the sd and hd version using the 4k downscaled, that would save the hassle of dealing with the AppleTV hoops and ladders bs.
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Well, considering that iTunes tends to have lowish bitrates, a proper capture of the 4K and reencode as 1080p would still surpass the normal 1080p. This is the case for Netflix, from what I understand. If you compare the Netflix 1080p stream with the reencoded 4K->1080p capture, the latter is much superior in quality.
Well, i dont think anyone is able cap from an apple tv as idont think it had any video out, am i correct? Can someone check the 1080p versions to see if they use a downconvert of the 4k masters? That woukd probably be the best bet until someone makes a modded apple tv with video out or MGM releases the UHD sets.
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Is it possible these will turn up on Amazon Video at some point?
Maybe, but there would still be no way to properly preserve them unless someone finds a methoid to cap with a hdmi 2.2 4k capping box (i dont see any cheap options for that yet) or can somehow download direct frm the provider like i heard with some of the 4k netflix rips going around.

If one could check the itunes 1080p or 720 versions to se if they are the updated 4k master (does that happen when apple gets a new 4k master of something and all other resolutions are basied on the new source?).l
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I don't have access to this as I don't stream anything. Has anyone been able to see any samples firsthand to know for sure?
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