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AutoOverlay (PKA AutoAlign) discussion
Good news!
New build:
It includes new color matching that can be used as standalone filter (see ''ColorAdjust" in description) and performance increasing. It is also good as border control, sample -> reference -> adjusted -> BD overlaid:
[Image: a_sample.png] [Image: b_reference.png] [Image: c_adjusted.png] [Image: d_hybrid.png]
Thanks given by: spoRv , PDB , TomArrow , jerryshadoe
Awesome. May I ask how the colormatching works?
Thanks given by:
Histogram matching with some kind of dither to make histogram of result image very close to reference.
Another point is that sample image is not the target image. Sample and reference usually cropped base and overlay clips - its intersection area to make image objects max similar pixel to pixel.
Thanks given by: TomArrow

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