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35mm Scanning: DIY vs A Professional Service
For those who have scanned 35mm film, have you done it yourself or do you have an outside service do it professionally?

For those who've done it themselves: what is your process?

For those who've had a professional service do it: any specific service you would recommend?
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I scanned a few single 35mm trailer frames with a 35mm home scanner. Completely impractical for anything longer, as it takes about a minute to scan a frame.
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There's a write-up on the process of building a scanner from a projector:

The first step would be buying a projector, ideally one that has been recently serviced/restored as you want it in as good condition as possible.
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Where did SUP3RDeathStar go? There are services we can recommend, but we don't name labs publicly.

You can also learn more about the DIY approach on the Kinograph forums... as you see you can even build a scanner completely from scratch and use the open source software. I am under the impression at the moment though that you would be better off paying a couple of hundred bucks to get the professional software supplied with $50,000+ scanners
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SUP3RDeathStar has been absent from Blutopia too, probably has other stuff to do in his life right now, I dunno. Smile
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