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Request Conan The Destroyer (1984) LaserDisc or DVD Mono
(2018-04-06, 11:55 PM)bendermac Wrote: "Jetrell" do you have a link for the project and where can this be found?

You could check Blutopia ... I am not a member there but I believe others here are, someone may have upped it there.

(2018-04-07, 12:12 AM)MrBrown Wrote: I thought they just did The Barbarian, not the destroyer... Damn... That totally passed me unnoticed...

You are correct but they did do the theatrical and extended versions of Barbarian.

And I just now realized that this thread is for "Destroyer" and not "Barbarian" .... duh, I'm such a blonde, please accept my apologies for this.
For new members: Please do not ask where to get something. Participate in the forum, talk to people, make friends. Then someone will help you find what you want.
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I got the UK disc in the mail, and synced it up to the US video visually with the waveforms. From a quick scan through everything seems to be fine. Hopefully I'll get time to sit down and watch the whole thing soon.
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