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Going to be absent...
I originally joined here with the intent to provide useful information and get help to finish some projects I've been working on and off for a while. However, severe personal issues just came up which means I won't have time to finish anything nor be on Fanres much, and I don't want to cause problems and come across as a leach to some people who helped me if I can't contribute anything on my end due to time constraints. I was going to have an admin ban my account, but he was against the idea and told me to write this post and just not log in, but the thing is I probably won't be coming back at all from this point on and I don't people hanging or wondering what happened to me. I'm not sure if anyone is with me on this.

It was nice being with you all but life is life and don't want to cause any problems if I cannot provide in return. 

The Knight
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We're going to miss you. Nevertheless, if you find any logos that might be of interest to me, do let me know, even if only via email.
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SpaceBlackKnight, hope everything would go well soon, and to see you again here!

Take care, and good luck! Ok
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Fare thee well, fellow swordsman! But remember this title of a particular Bond movie ...

Never Say Never Again !

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRpF03_mDvSwxzaWfGHZnC...s6TEGu63dw]
[Image: jason-and-the-argonauts-514562431d434.png]
"The gods want their entertainment.  The gods of Greece are
cruel!  In time all men shall learn to live without them."
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All the best, SpaceBlackKnight! Smile
New members, please don't PM me for links to my projects until you have participated for a while and become active members of the forum.
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I hope everything works out OK SpaceBlackKnight. You will always be welcome here
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