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[In progress] True Lies - open matte, film regraded
(2020-08-06, 12:36 PM)spoRv Wrote: About English tracks: I have them somewhere at home in Italy, dunno when I'll be there again though, maybe I can ask some friend to get them and upload somewhere for me. They are:
DTS 5.1 from D-Theater
DTS 6.1 from DVD
Cinema DTS 5.1
I have also the DTS laserdisc, still it should be captured personally, unless someone else has done it already!

Fantastic selection of tracks!

I have the DTS-HD MA from the Spanish bootleg. I don't know if it's any good compared to the above, because I believe I read it was sourced from the D-Theater. If indeed that's the case, then you already have the original.

My bet is that the Cinema and LD track should be the best, it that right?
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So, Sporv, will you erase the burnt-in subs as considered before?
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From the late Disclord. The AC3 LD audio will be of most interest as it is a remix. Other audio releases are the theatrical mix untouched at different bitrates.

Quote:I have the AC-3 LaserDisc of True Lies plus the DTS LaserDisc and the Pan-Scan AC-3 LaserDisc - I also have the R1 DVD.

In terms of picture quality, the DTS is the clear winner - it has less edge enhancement and the Kuraray mastering and pressing is sharper and has less noise than either two of Pioneer's AC-3 pressings. An engineer at Fox told me, back when the DVD was released, that they used the same D1 master tape, that had extra edge enhancement, to make both the AC-3 LaserDisc and the DVD release. However, the sound on the DVD used the same 18-bit DA88 master tape that was used to make the DTS LaserDisc release. The AC-3 LD's used a 16-bit master that had been slightly remixed for home use whereas the 18-bit master used for the DTS LD and AC-3 DVD was an exact duplicate (bit-for-bit clone) of the theatrical mix used to make the 70mm prints and DTS/Dolby Digital 35mm prints.

Its a shame that True Lies is only available in HD on D-Theater because this film needs a state-of-the-art HD transfer and release on BD - even for the time its LaserDisc and DVD transfer was not that good. But the sound of the DTS LD is truly amazing - it's another film where the sound mixers recorded real multichannel backgrounds and such to greatly increase the realism of the audio.
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This is contradictory to the article I posted that said the DTS DVD audio track was a new mix specifically for the Fox 5-Star Collection.
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