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Open Matte wishlist of sorts
These are just some movies I know were shot Super35 or at least not anamorphic if they are digital, but I have never seen them available in Open Matte. These are some of my favorite movies, as well.

Session 9 - I have seen this open matte/cropped on Cinemax in HD. It is also one of the first movies to be shot digitally, which is interesting. I am not sure if it was open matte or cropped, but it was filmed 2.39:1.

The Descent - I have never seen this open matte, but I know it is not anamorphic, since the lens flares are spherical.

Doomsday - another Neil Marshall classic, also have never seen this in anything but widescreen but I know it wasn't shot anamorphic.

Sinister - I have this seen on Showtime in HD, but they only play movies in OAR. Pretty sure this was shot digitally like most movies these days, but it doesn't look anamorphic. How cool would it be to see the 8mm movies in open matte.

Go - a Pulp Fiction-like plot, but it has a style of it's own. I have seen this in Open Matte on Starz in HD, I think it was. It was shot Super35.

Kalifornia - I have seen this on Starz in HD in Open Matte. Filmed in Super35.

There are so many more that I haven't thought of. Most of these do look or would look so much better in Open Matte.
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Go 1999, Doomsday 2008 

Both of these films are in my Open Matte.
Movies on Amazon channels change very often, which is not clear, just watch the appearance of new products by subscription, in order to have time to download them.
Thanks given by: boots1985
The R1 DVD of Go had both widescreen and fullscreen versions included on the disc so that should be open matte.

You based in the UK boots?

Found it for you
Go [DVD] [1999] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Thanks given by: boots1985

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