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Capturing Laserdiscs through Framemeister?
So I'm kinda interested in retro gaming besides movies and I've stumbled upon this unit - Framemeister. It does a great job for playing retro consoles on new TVs. I was wondering if anyone ever tried plugging in Laserdisc player into them? The unit itself is very pricy and I don't think I'll get one anytime soon.

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I'm skeptical that it could have an upscale algorithm that doesn't have any equal in the software realm. For realtime playback it sounds nice, but for capturin I don't quite see the purpose (yet?).
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It doesn't even need to upscale actually, from what I understood, TV/Capture devices producers use low-end components for old inputs such as RGB/Composite. This unit actually has very high quality components that get the best out of your console. Upscaling is just an option in it's settings I think.
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Oh, I see. So the appeal are good A/D converters? Why not then, if they are actually better than the equivalent in capture cards. Though I find it strange that an expensive capture card would use cheap components, but I suppose it's thinkable.
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Found some video.
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Do you know how these are for capturing VHS? Is there an internal TBC?
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