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textless movie intro?!?

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(2018-01-20, 03:56 PM)spoRv Wrote: Finding movies without burnt-in subs is not that easy, but still possible - like, for example, HP8 and True Lies.

Some Fox titles on Blu-ray are free of burnt-in subtitles outside of the US : Braveheart, Live Free or Die Hard for example.
(2018-01-20, 04:12 PM)Beber Wrote: Some Fox titles on Blu-ray are free of burnt-in subtitles outside of the US : Braveheart, Live Free or Die Hard for example.

That's interesting... you should start a new thread about this!
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I'd like to see some textless stuff for some projects I'm myself working on for this Spring.
(2018-01-20, 12:14 PM)spoRv Wrote: Yes, I'm aware of this... but this case is unique, I guess!

Sometimes, when I discover things like this, I feel myself a bit like "Indiana Jones and the lost movie cut/grading/put_something_weird_here"! Big Grin

Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4.0) German UHD WEBRiP by Cody is free of any names in the opening credits, even free of the main title (neither the US one nor the international one). Of course, the location informations that should pop up once in a while are missing, too. However, English subs have been poorly added for foreign language parts, which is exactly what I hoped would not be there. Dammit!

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