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Idea LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring Netflix Rip.
(2018-02-13, 05:26 AM)44rh1n Wrote: So my dilemma is: I can get a beautiful, color-accurate image out of the Roku 3, but it's 30fps. Or I can get a 24fps output from the Roku Ultra, but it looks WAY too dark.

Sorry I'm late catching up on this post/thread. Smile

Are this captures 1080/HD? The 30fps then must be interlaced. You should be able to de-interlace it and have it look great. The 24fps is full frame-by-frame (not interlaced) but probably doesn't have it's internal flag(s) set to 23.97fps. There should be software which can run through the file and update just the flag(s).

(If it can be conveniently done, would you post a 5-consecutive-frame strip (full-sized & starting from the same frame) from each capture? I'd like to check out the captured differences, especially the odd color change.)
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