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Problems authoring PCM wave audio in TsMuxer [SOLVED]

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[EDIT solution here https://forum.fanres.com/thread-2010-pos...l#pid40310]

I'll try explain my situation. Maybe some of you can tell me why this is happening and what to do to avoid it.

I work on Adobe Premiere CS6, video and audio tracks on the timeline are the same length and there are no gaps in the audio.
I export audio and video separately (video exported as uncompressed avi and then converted to h264) and then rejoin them later using TsMuxer to make a Blu-Ray folder or an ISO.

If I export the audio as PCM wave then this situation occurs: when I join audio and video to make a blu ray with TsMuxer, at the very end of the film I get a terrible loud noise of scrambled data that goes on for a few seconds (over 10 seconds), as if the video and audio are not the same length.

Maybe the fault is with Premiere that exports a WAV file of a different length or perhaps TsMuxer is not working correctly, right? These are the two main possibilities. Well, let's add some mystery to this.
I took the PCM wave file that I exported from Premiere and I converted it to AC3 with Audacity then with TsMuxer I created a Blu-Ray using the usual h264 video and the AC3 audio file (which was converted from the same WAV that created the audio issue before), well, what do you know? The Blu-Ray this time came out perfectly, audio and video end at the same time, with no weird sounds.  Dodgy  

So why PCM files always give me this problem at the end of the film while THE SAME FILE converted to AC-3 doesn't?

Anyone had similar expriences? Or any idea why is this happening? I basically can't use PCM audio for my projects and this is unacceptable.

PS it's late at night and very tired, I hope I explained the situation well enough.

Addendum: I once used EasyBD lite to create a blu-ray by muxing h264 video and PCM wave audio and the program wouldn't even start muxing but gave me a "different length" error.
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When rendering from Premiere, make sure that you are rendering the same portion of the time-line for both video and audio.  I don't know about Premiere, but in Vegas there's an option to select the active portion of the time-line and use it for rendering; otherwise, it might use other ways to determine the section to be rendered, such as the position of the cursor.  I've never seen that message in EasyBD Lite, and it leads me to suspect that your video and audio are of different lengths.

Additionally, have you taken steps to verify that the lengths of the two streams match?  Try MediaInfo, AviSynth, importing the streams back into Premiere, etc.
Well, I think you should do some basic troubleshooting to find the problem.

- For one, you should check the exported WAV waveform in an audio editor to see if you can locate that scrambled audio garbage/whatever at the end of the file.

- Does the garbled sound occur in any software player or just in some?

- Another thing is, how big is your resulting WAV file? WAV files have a file size limit somewhere around 4GB. Bigger files need for example w64 which I think Adobe sadly doesn't support. It's possible Premiere exports the WAV anyway, even if it is bigger (particularly 5.1 PCM would end up being bigger with longer movies), but since the resulting file is non-standard, it creates issues when muxing. Have you tried transcoding to FLAC (lossless codec!) and muxing with that, just to see what happens? A way around the exporting problem might be, for example, to export an AVI file with PCM sound (but give it a tiny video resolution and some terrible codec like XviD so the video doesn't take up much space), as the AVI standard has been extended to work over 4GB many years ago. Then you can simply mux the audio stream from the AVI with the h264 stream.

Lastly, kinda unrelated to your question but interesting as a general: Premiere seems to export only a non-standard 5.1 channel layout which may need remapping to represent the source 5.1 track accurately. In particular this means that most Blu Ray 5.1 tracks have a configuration that is named 5.1(side) by ffmpeg, consisting of L, R, C, LFE, SL, SR. Premiere 5.1 exports seem to ignore this and export one that ffmpeg simply calls "5.1": L,R,C,LFE,BL,BR. So they basically map the side speakers onto back speakers, which is undesirable if you want to reproduce the original track.
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Have you looked at tsmuxer being your problem and not ap. Tsmuxer is really sensitive as to what kind of pcm file it gets (lpcm). You might have to convert the headers using pcm2tsmu or eac3to's w64 option.

This guy seems to have a similar story https://forum.videohelp.com/threads/3652...ost2476461

PDB you ought to be right, by process of elimination it has to be TsMuxer causing it. I'm trying to figure out how to use those programs, I'll let you know if any of the two worked
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IIRC, I had the same issue once; the raw PCM wasn't digested by tsmuxer... a simple PCM->WAV conversion solved it.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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eac3to worked! Thanks PDB.
I put the wave file into the same folder as the eac3to.exe and from prompt I gave these instructions (thanks Leo):
eac3to ub.wav ub.w64
(ub.wav is the name of my wave file, ub.w64 is the name of the output file that eac3to.exe creates)

When I add the .w64 file to TsMuxer this is recognized as LPCM and the final Blu Ray doesn't give any more problems!
Thank you everyone.

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